Reality of living and working in Overseas HK and USA

I had my 3rd seminar “How to be a real global person, My Story – Reality of living and working in Overseas Hong Kong and USA” More than 25 people participated and received a lot of questions. I talked about My Story. I wanted to work in overseas someday. My dream came true and got a job in HK. HK was such a fascinating country! Spent 22 years. My 2nd hometown. I built up most of my business career in HK. HK taught me a lot. After 22 years, my family and I moved to Southern California 3 years ago. First 1 year I had to adjust my life a lot. Started participating children’s school events and classes that I was curious to know US school system. By my contribution and curiosity to school, I built a trust to the teachers and parents, I am now President of PTA. Also, i set up my own company and have been having a lot of exciting businesses with GJJ.


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