About Me

After I graduated from College in the UK, I really wanted to find a job but had trouble finding a path.  At the time, the internet was not so popular and it was very hard to find a job and obtain the necessary visas and work permits.  

I started my career in a global Temporary staffing company as a fresh graduate Sales person in Tokyo.  Despite enjoying this career path, it was very Japan focused and at night, I would  dream about my passion to work in abroad.   After my school, I had many friends in Hong Kong and visited them on my vacation.  Hong Kong was amazing as it had many nations represented and I had fallen in love with the place.  It was then that I had done my best to find a path that would allow me to move there.  Little did I know of the adventure that I was about to have.  

This adventure lasted 22 years and I had the pleasure to meet many people from around the world.  I worked my way to the President of a Human Resources company and had consulted with many job seekers and recruiters as a local manager of the human resources industry.  

Over this time I also met my husband and we had 3 children and in 2017, we moved to Southern California.

Looking for ways to give back to others, I have set up a global career support company with the desire to make use of my experience so far and to help others find THEIR path to their individual career success.  

I designed CBC as a bridge for those who want to find employment overseas to pursue a career globally as well as for those who are looking to study abroad in the United States.  

I can also help those who want to utilize their experience of studying abroad to pursue a career path that will result in future opportunities in Japan, the Unied States or elsewhere. 

I would like many people to know that “Japan is amazing but there is a whole world out there to discover.