Vol.1 【毎朝のルーティン+α】


目白押しのタスク。仕事と学校も3週間後に始まるので、PTA会長2年目のタスクをこなす今日一日が待っている! 寝不足吹き飛ばせ!スタバ2杯目だ。 #毎朝のルーティン#南カリフォルニアからの風#犬の散歩#ウェイトトレーニング

Morning Routine from Southen California
As we have to take care of our friend’s dog for 2 nights, he came to our bedroom for pee at 4:30AM. I could go back into bed but decided not to as I have a pile of things to do today. My moring routine, checked emails and Social Meia and Yahoo News. Fortunately my “Global Career Counseling” menber is increasing, I had a counseling at 6:30am/22:30 Japan time. I took 2 dogs for walk with Brian, my husband and weight training during the summer, our middle child, Benji is in. Made breakfast Oatsmeal and over easy eggs for Brian and here I am having 2nd coffee at 9:30AM. I am ready to kick off 2nd period of my day of work! #Morning routine



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